Ensure the apt end table height for homey visual harmony

Posted by Stafford on October 31, 2017

Talking of standard end table height, these tables should be within 2 inches of the height of the sofa arm. For example, if the sofa arm is 22 inches tall, proper end table height can be anywhere from 20-24 inches. The ideal depth of an end table is same as the depth of the chair/ sofa it is placed next to.

For armless sofas, there are 2 options: end tables which suit the height where arms would sit and low models that are at the same height as the sofa seat. Both the options can work well, depending upon your preferences & the visual balance of your space.

If you dig the mismatched look, tables similar in size and weight are perfect for visual harmony. Each of these reaches nearly the same height as the sofa arms.

Homify tip: Don't shy away from using unconventional objects like shipping crates, sewing machine stands, old suitcases and garden stools as end tables. Just ensure that they fall in step with the average end table height & scale guidelines mentioned above, so that they are jazzy conversation pieces rather than unsightly nuisances. 

Ensure the apt end table height for homey visual harmony

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All Architecture And Design Manufacturers. A table base is used to support a table top. Pedestal designs are popular for round and square models. Longer tables usually have individual legs whose number varies with size.

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