Subway tiles: classic way to inject an urban look into your home

Posted by Morrissey on October 04, 2017

There are 3 types of subway tiles:

1) Ceramic: these are the classic type of subway tile and have been used on the walls since long. Generally 3x6 inches in format, of late these tiles are being given bigger sizes like 4x10 & 3x12 inch formats. Ceramic subway tiles are available in different colors but usual standards are white or black.

2) Beveled ceramic: a variation of ceramic subway tile, the beveled edge design imparts the look a jazzy raised dimension.  Still classic & clean, the beveled tiles are more modish looking and come in 3x6 & 4x10 formats. Typically installed in a classic brick-joint pattern, the beveled ceramic subway tiles can conveniently be installed horizontally or vertically as well.

3) Double fired ceramic:  In the double-fired process of manufacturing these, the tiles are fired and then glazed and then fired again. This lends the tiles a chic old-fashioned appearance. This process draws from the original way the subway tiles used to be made. The double fired ceramic subway tiles are available in 3x12 & 3x6 formats, and are designed to be used with multiple colors so a blended color palette can be easily created.

Marble subway tiles are also an elegant variety of tiles that work better in a vertical application. Since these tiles vary a bit in length & width, the verticality gives the illusion of higher ceilings.

Subway tiles: classic way to inject an urban look into your home

Subway tiles: classic way to inject an urban look into your home ok of subway tile, but want to try something a bit different in your kitchen? shares 11 beautiful alternative designs for your subway tile kitchen backsplash.

16 Beautiful Bathrooms With Subway Tile. Our first example is a traditional, classic white subway tile with contrasting, dark grout, by Spivey Architects via Houzz. This beautiful bathroom features a full subway tile wall in the shower, as well as a half-wall as a backsplash behind the door.

Subway Tile Backsplashes. The classic, understated look of subway tile is extremely versatile—it can be paired with just about any kitchen style, from traditional to hyper-modern.

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